Dark Iron” in Official Selection on Festival Internacional de Cine Medellin  FestMedallo / Colombia


„Dark Iron” trailer in Official Selection on Oregon Scream Week 2018 with over 50 others very short horrors. All together there will be shown over 150 short horrors and Jury will judge 50 long feature horror screenplays. Oregon Scream Week is trully big event for fans of Horror.


„Dark Iron” was awarded Best Feature Film of Baja CineFest 2017 in Mexico (California). The film also received prizes Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Marta Krół received the prize Best Lead Actress, Maurycy Wolf - Best Lead Actor, Mariusz Ostański - Best Music Score. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part in the work on the film or in other way helped in the implementation.


„Dark Iron” was awarded Best Drama, Horror at the Near Nazareth Festival 2017 (13 -17.12). Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part in the work on the film or in other ways helped in the implementation.


The end of postproduction.


End of editing image, continuing editing of sound. The new trailer added.


We continue editing the film.


End of the shoot (scheduled acting). A total of 30 days of shooting. Crew and everyone who attended, helped and supported us during the shooting time, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! JB


Start of shooting.


We are looking for all roles  and episodes. Details on the casting call


We continue working on screenplay and scouting locations.


At the beginning of month started preproduction works for a horror movie titled "Dark Iron". The story is based on true events and unfolds horryfing experience of young man, who invokes a curse and than must face forces of eternal Evil.  It will be long feature debute of Jerzy Bojanowski, who wrote a screenplay and will produce the movie.  Shooting is planed during summer time. The movie will be ready for diistribution at spring of 2015.

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